Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ask Me Anything: My Feminist AMA on Reddit

So I did something that would be considered internet suicide in many circles. I went on Reddit and I invited the Internet to ask me questions about the fact that I am a 21 year old sex-positive feminist. The AMA section of Reddit is something that I had heard a lot about but it was only when my bf got me on the site itself that I considered the idea of maybe participating.
Typically I'm online troll fodder, a arts graduate with a specialism in social justice and who isn't afraid to be vocal about it. So why the hell did I decide to do this?

To be honest there was part of me that knew nothing good could come of this and within minutes I had people commenting and asking questions which ranged from the interesting to the downright odd and it was actually an enlightening experience!
The first couple of comments were people asking what sex-positive feminism is and some said they hadn't heard of it and we're glad to learn about it which was nice, but it soon decended into more colourful inquiries!

I particularly like this one because I wasn't sure if this user was asking a serious question (you rarely can online I suppose) and so I answered it as one... They seemed impressed! 

And here we have exactly what I figured I would get when I did this, and believe me, I had a good giggle. I was just pleased that someone took the time to comment this! I debated answering it and got distracted by another question before I could. 

These next few are where it got serious. I only included a few of the messages but this is where I was so pleased I did this, someone who was up for some real debate. I didn't think I would get this, not because I thought no one on this site would be up for anything other than taking the piss, but because I didn't think people would give my topic the time of day but I was so wrong! 


And of course, there is always someone who can explain things in a more elegant way than you ever could yourself...

In the end, my overall experience was thought-provoking and I would be really interested to do it again, I didn't think I would get any comments, let alone such engaged ones! These days I find myself on Reddit more than Facebook! There's so much interests content and it's so engaging! 

What do you guys think? Do you have any interesting stories or any comments on this post? Let me know!