Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Meyer "So over Twilight". Steph joints the majority of the World

Right so, it has emerged that the writer of the multi-million dollar book and movie series, Twilight, is "so over it". Well this should be good.
In an interview with Variety, Stephanie Meyer said of the Twilight universe "I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be, (and) I get further away every day."
Although she has said that she wouldn't rule out writing another book set in the same world she has lessened the promise saying,
“What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died,” she says, adding, “I’m interested in spending time in other worlds.”
Okay, seeing as I slagged Twilight in my very first post to this blog, I think you can guess that maybe I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise. Now that is true, I don't like the franchise. Back in the days where vampire fiction was only a new retelling in the young adult world, I really enjoyed these books. I borrowed them from a friend, enjoyed them, gave them back and then read Harry Potter again and it was fine. I even enjoyed some other vampire fiction, The Vampire Diaries were enjoyable and handled the love triangle WAY better than Team Edward/ Jacob and even House of night is still OK for some light reading; but that was before it exploded. 
I understand from a literary standpoint that books go through trends. After vampires, Young Adult authors tried reanimating (excuse the pun) other standard horror monsters such as zombies (behold the terror that was "Zombies don't cry") and more recently fallen angels, which, when written true to the nephilim origin can actually be good as in the legends, many of the angels actually did fall because they fell in love with human women, thus the romance in these books work!    

The most recent trend, as most people will have noticed is the Dystopian  future model. This example works well as it shows a trend that was done well, exactly what Twilight failed on. 
The Hunger Games is one of the best book-to-movie adaptions I have seen in quite a while and is a prime example of this trend. Although, the love triangle is still present, it is not the center of the book and the main story line (e.g vampires/ games to the death) is not overlooked to allow the love story to get in the way.
Here is what I mean:
Katniss: Gale is the only person who understood me when my Dad died and I needed to find food for my family even though I risk my life in the process. Peeta was the boy who gave me food when my family fell apart even though he was punished for it and now, in the Hunger Games, he wants to do everything he can to protect me, even though it could get him killed. This is quite a dilemma, but you know what is more so? THE FACT THAT I AM ABOUT TO BE KILLED IN A DEATH MATCH.

Bella: I am sad because I am (by my own choice), going to go live with my dad in a place where it rains a lot and I will have good friends and not want for anything. *enter the plot twist that is the fact there are vampires and werewolves* Oh he might kill me but he's hot. Wait now he's gone, this guy likes me, so I love him now even though he could kill me. Wait the vampire is back.. I love him again, who cares that he's a vampire? I totally trust this soulless beast.  

What The Hunger Games did was understand that romance is a large part of the growing-up experience but it is never the whole story, especially when there is something else more important going on in someone's life. 
But at the same time, as an author (I use the term loosely), Meyer is basically disregarding her entire fan-base. No matter what my personal opinions are, people got behind these books and movies and loved them. That is evident with the excitement behind the release of the full collection of movies and the online cult following. By saying that the only revisiting of the work is to write "three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died" is putting a definite end to an open ended series which was still being written by the fans. 
In conclusion, I say a big F**k You to Ms. Meyer, grab the money and destroy what little good you may have done, good job.
End Rant. :)