Thursday, 12 September 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Vogue shoot- Sexy for the right reasons!

This year was the first time I ever watched the Oscars. It's probably down to the fact that, even though every year I say I'll watch it, I end up not knowing when it's on and not caring enough to find out. But this year I stumbled across it in all it's sparkling gown-clad glory and sat down to watch it.
You may be asking what this has to do with this post. Am I going to talk about Jennifer Lawrence falling down? Nope! Her post-falling down/ winning the Oscar speech? No I'm not, but it is freaking adorable and hilarious- Link here.
No, the reason I mention it is because of one of the many song which graced the evening and was sung by the host- Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane. The song, entitled "We saw your Boobs" lists off many of the actresses in attendance that night and which movies we saw their boobs in. The obviously overdone reactions of the women and the fact that they were wearing completely different outfits than they did at the actual Oscars, proved that it was all in good fun but there was one line which stood out and created one of the best Jennifer Lawrence Gifs of all time-

I know this seems like a random thing to bring up but it does tie in quite nicely with Jennifer's most recent escapade. The lovely lady did is the cover-girl and did a photo shoot for Vogue WITHOUT taking her clothes off.
Now before anyone gets all huffy at me, I have no problem with women showing their boobs on film, or in magazines, or anywhere else for that matter so long as they are the ones in control of the situation and they want to do it- more power to them I say!  
But what is different here is how much it didn't matter that she wasn't naked because she look amazing. And it's not like she was scantily clad in any way- she had layers on and portrayed a beautiful scene with her modelling and that is the way she seems to attack everything.

The argument could be made that her portrayal of Mystique in X-Men First Class involved a transformation which left very little to the imagination, however, we can blame the comic designers of the past for that and maybe think of the message she was trying to portray. That if you are different, it shouldn't be covered up and that we should be proud of our differences. We should also look at the fact that Jennifer also played Mystique in her human form and gave a performance which gave the character depth and a vulnerability beyond that of a naked blue mutant who is way too flexible to be healthy. We can look forward to finding out more about her character in future films instead of looking forward to her strangling men with her thighs.

    People talk all the time about trying to find people in the public eye who are good role models. In a world where the likes of Miley Cyrus and Rihanna are the modern image of the successful woman, I think Jennifer Lawrence makes an excellent case for another side of that. She tells us that a person can be beautiful, but that personality and talent are much much sexier.
Check out some behind the scenes action for the Vogue shoot here!
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Seth Macfarlane Oscars 2013 - We haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence's boobs at all gif
Seth Macfarlane Oscars 2013 - We haven't seen Jennifer Lawrence's boobs at all gif