Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Agony Bookworm: Wondering what to Give them Next?

So one of the main parts of my job, aside from telling stories and hearing about how Jim in school called Rachael a bold name and now everyone is going around calling each other boobs, is helping parents/ grandparents/ aunts/ uncles/ friends pick books for their respective tiny people. The kid's department can be a minefield from picture books right up to YA. From reluctant readers to devoted bookworms, we face similar problems when trying to make the right choice. That is why I thought I would devote some of my blog to answering some questions and queries that you guys might have either about specific books or general tips for choosing books.

I am hoping to do more reviews in the future, away from comics and to some more child-friendly topics but I think this is a good way to cover more ground! So hit me with your questions either here or on Twitter!
Twitter: @lorrainebow_lv